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SWATANTRA Treasure Hunt, Win Prizes worth 1 Lakh !

November 15th, 2017 No comments

SWATANTRA 2017, Triennial free software conference by International Centre for Free and Open Source Software will be held on 20 and 21 December, 2017. As a part of the conference, ICFOSS and Society For Promotion of Alternative Computing and Employment (SPACE) is holding a free knowledge treasure hunt.

Click here to participate in SWATANTRA Treasure Hunt

ICFOSS Treasure Hunt

  • Game progresses in separate paths for Students and Techie/Others.There will be winners from both user sections.
  • The Treasure Hunt has total 40 Level in which each Level consist of 1 Question.
  • Admin will add Questions throughtout the progress of the Game.
  • Answers are not Case-Sensitive and nor space-Sensitive.
    For eg: if your answer is ‘superman’
    You can answer in upper or lower case.  ‘Superman’ or ‘SUPERMAN’ or ‘sUPeRMaN’ or ‘super man’.
  • The Leaderboard shows top 500 Players current position and last level completion time with date.Every Player can view thier Rank at top of the Leaderboard.

Clues & Hints

  • Clues will be available in the Swatantra Hunt Telegram Group Swatantra Hunt Telegram (Recommended) and SwatantraHunt Facebook page Swatantra Hunt Fb.
  • Frequency of clues will depend on the difficulty of each Level.

Wishing you Good luck !

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International Information Security Conference “c0c0n 2017” on August 18, 19 at Cochin, Kerala

August 6th, 2017 No comments

Proactive security helps to safe guard our network and systems. Acquiring proper knowledge and skills is vital in defending attacks. The age-old wisdom stands true for Information security too, Prevention is better than cure !

“c0c0n is aimed at providing a platform to discuss, showcase, educate, understand and spread awareness on the latest trends in information, cyber and hi-tech crimes. “


“c0c0n, previously known as Cyber Safe, is an annual event conducted as part of the International Information Security Day. Kerala Police, in the past years, has been playing the leading role in organizing a two day International Information Security Conference titled c0c0n in association with The Society for the Policing of Cyberspace (POLCYB) -(POLCYB is an international, not-for-profit organization, incorporated in British Columbia, Canada. Their goal is to enhance international partnerships among public and private professionals to prevent, detect, and respond to cybercrime.”


Schedule : c0c0n 2017 will run from August 18 through August 19

Venue : Hotel Le Meridien, Kochi, India.
For more details and registration please visit the c0c0n official website

Location Map

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Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore Hiring Challenge

June 8th, 2017 No comments

Samsung is looking to hire exceptional software talent to join their team in Bangalore. They are taking freshers too. Samsung Hiring Challenge

Experience: 0-14 years
CTC: Best in Industry
Job Location: Bangalore
Openings: 100

Samsung is looking for candidates with:

  • Excellent Programming Skills
  • Strong problem solving and trouble shooting skills
  • Good understanding of algorithms, data structures and performance optimization techniques
  • Hands on with Design, Coding, Debugging and Testing
  • Excellent Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Team PlayerRequired Skills:
  • C,C++ Java Python, Java Script
  • JSON, XML – Jquery, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, iBatis, Node.js
  • Web Services – REST
  • Web Security – mySQL, Memcache/Redis, Cassandra/Hbase, MongoDB/CouchDB
  • Map Reduce, Hadoop, Hive, Mahout
  • Fast Data Processing – Storm – Rules Engine – Drools

Brush up your skills by Sample Challenge 

Participate in Samsung R & D Institute Hiring Challenge

OPENS AT: Jun 09, 06:00 PM IST

CLOSES AT: Jun 11, 11:00 PM IST


Though HackerEarth platform allows use of Libraries & Packages for the challenge, the second round of Samsung’s online test, most libraries will be DISALLOWED. Only the following Libraries are allowed

  • Basic Memory mgmt (malloc/free, new/delete)
  • Basic I/O (scanf/printf, cin/cout)
  • Equivalent in Java.
  • All other libraries/packages (e.g. string, stl, collections etc) are DISALLOWED

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