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SWATANTRA Treasure Hunt, Win Prizes worth 1 Lakh !

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SWATANTRA 2017, Triennial free software conference by International Centre for Free and Open Source Software will be held on 20 and 21 December, 2017. As a part of the conference, ICFOSS and Society For Promotion of Alternative Computing and Employment (SPACE) is holding a free knowledge treasure hunt.

Click here to participate in SWATANTRA Treasure Hunt

ICFOSS Treasure Hunt

  • Game progresses in separate paths for Students and Techie/Others.There will be winners from both user sections.
  • The Treasure Hunt has total 40 Level in which each Level consist of 1 Question.
  • Admin will add Questions throughtout the progress of the Game.
  • Answers are not Case-Sensitive and nor space-Sensitive.
    For eg: if your answer is ‘superman’
    You can answer in upper or lower case.  ‘Superman’ or ‘SUPERMAN’ or ‘sUPeRMaN’ or ‘super man’.
  • The Leaderboard shows top 500 Players current position and last level completion time with date.Every Player can view thier Rank at top of the Leaderboard.

Clues & Hints

  • Clues will be available in the Swatantra Hunt Telegram Group Swatantra Hunt Telegram (Recommended) and SwatantraHunt Facebook page Swatantra Hunt Fb.
  • Frequency of clues will depend on the difficulty of each Level.

Wishing you Good luck !

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