Your mobile phone may be spying on you !

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Your own mobile phone consuming your resources(power and data charges) can spy on you discretely. That spy software is not with the secret service, it’s available for free !

Android App

That innocuous looking app in the list may be malicious. Anyone with physical access to your phone can install the spy app discreetly and it can spy on you in stealth mode.

How far it can see?



Mitigation strategies:

  • Be cautious, to whom you give your phone
  • Enable Google Play protect in “Settings”

Google Play Protect

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How to extract zip files on Linux?

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One of my students who switched to Linux recently asked this question. There are many utilities with GUI for handling archives, but it’s better done with a terminal command.

  1. Start a Terminal.
  2. If “unzip” utility is not installed, try this command to install it. (on Debian Linux distributions and its derivatives, Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc.)

    sudo apt-get install unzip

  3. We want to unzip a file named “” in my “home” directoryunzip
  4. Type the command as follows


  5. It will extract the archive in the same directory, with the name of zip files as directory name  unzip

Thanks Ashwin for bringing up with this question !

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